WordPress buttons – SvegliaT buttons – SvegliaT buttons is a simple plug in for WordPress thanks to it you’ll be able to insert in your text, posts, or site’s pages, colored buttons using shortcode.

WordPress Buttons created with CSS3 can automatically adapt to every text length. At the moment is possible to use two kind of buttons, normal and big, every of them is available in eight different colors: orange, yellow, gray, green, blue, black, pink, purple and red.

Wordpress buttons

All WordPress buttons have three different colors meaning their three different possible states, stand by, hover, hit.

Once installed the plug in is very easy to add the button using following code:

[button-orange text="Download plugin" title="Sveglia template" url="http://www.svegliatemplate.com/"]

Colour – you can change the orange colour with: red, blue, pink, black, yellow, green, purple e gray.

Text – Instead of text Download plugin you can write what you want, but be careful to do not forget the quotation marks, such text will be displayed in the button.

Title – This tag is similar to ALT tag of images, the text you’ll insert here won’t be visualized, but it’s useful for SEO scope.

url – Obviously this is the destination link.

Since ver. 1.1.0 WordPress buttons – SvegliaT buttons it is possible to add a sample shortcode using directly the text editor button. Once pushed the button you just need to change actual parameters with your one.

Wordpress buttons

To insert big buttons you have to add the word big before the word buttons, as follows:

[bigbutton-orange text="Scarica ora il plugin per wordpress" title="Sveglia template" url="http://www.svegliatemplate.com/"]

WordPress buttons – Some examples:

It is possible and advised to download directly from official site WordPress.org here:


or in the download area  clicking here.